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Best of Holland Cycle Route

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This English text cycle guide book describes the best cycle route for a complete touristic cycle holiday in Holland. Everything you might want to see in Holland is on this tour: North Sea Coast, tulip fields, Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Gouda, Haarlem, Utrecht, the 'Zuiderzee', the river Vecht, Zealand, typical Dutch landscapes with windmills and the route to Nijmegen inland. Before starting this guide book describes the art of cycling and how to recognize the cyclist traffic signs on the road in the Netherlands  like how does  a 'fietspad' look like and what is a 'knooppunt'? The main cycle route describes is a circular route of 340 kilometer, which could take up to 14 days of cycling (and visiting sites and places) at a very easy pace. You will start in Hoek van Holland en follow the beautifull and termac cycle path through the dunes to The Hague. You will continue this beautifull sand dunes cycle tour after The Hague, passing Katwijk and Noordwijk. In April and May you can see the bulb fields and visit the Keukenhof near Lisse as a small side trip. Haarlem and Amsterdam follow. And you can sea the famous statue of Hans Brinker, the boy who put is finger in a Dutch dyke to prevent the land from flooding. Ofcourse there is some serious windmill spotting and halfway between Haarlem and Amsterdam there is Zaanse Schans. You can extend the tour in Northern direction to see Volendam, Hoorn and Enkhuizen, take the eastern tour to Nijmegen or go south along the coast of Zealand to see the most important waterworks of Holland. A complete spiral bound cycle guide with English route description and maps, including accommodation. Cycling in the Netherlands, 2015

Best of Holland Cycle Route, including 6 city cycle tours in Amsterdam

Great biking routes in Holland
(Not the purple line ... that is the border of Holland :)

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  • Model: Biking guide in English
  • ISBN: 9780957661714
  • Best of Holland Cycle Route
  • Schrijver: Eric van der Horst
  • Uitgever: CycleCity Guides
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