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Hong Kong Gweilo

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While Gweilo is told from the perspective of an eight-year-old boy, and remains aloof from the adult experience, it is the ultimate expat's story and has proven since its 2004 publication to be a must-read for all who come here to live. Most new arrivals have experienced something similar to the wonderment expressed by Booth's child narrator, whether it be through revelling in the evocative Cantonese language or marvelling at the sheer tumescent energy of the place. Booth's Hong Kong, while very different, is familiar to today's, with its beach days and boisterousness, its mysteries and its mama-sans. At the same time, it highlights the contrasts between post-handover Hong Kong, moving ever closer to the mainland, and the heady days of empire, when a sense of Britishness was stamped even on Mong Kok.
His memoir is both a historical document of the city and a framework through which expats can help make sense of their place here. It also sets a standard of biculturalism to which to aspire. Gweilo - a memoir of a Hong Kong childhood, Engelstalig, 2004

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Reisboekhandel Stanley & Livingstone
Schoolstraat 21 Den Haag
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  • Model: Hong Kong
  • ISBN: 9780553816723
  • Hong Kong Gweilo
  • Schrijver: Martin Booth
  • Subtitle: a memoir of a Hong Kong childhood
  • Uitgever: Bantam books
  • Uitvoering: paperback
  • Nieuwste editie: ja
  • Taal: Engels

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